The Busy Summer Season is Over - What does it Mean for the Timeshare Industry?

When the kids go back to school in September, it's the end of one of timeshare’s prime seasons. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that resort business will go down. For some resorts, this may be the time of year they pick up more business, or at least maintain summer’s demand. 

No Low Demand Season for Certain Areas

The demand for many resorts varies seasonally - as a standard, beach resorts are more popular in the summer, ski resorts more popular in the winter. But in certain areas, there are no low demand seasons. Summer weather often extends into September and October and beyond in Southern California. In fact, sunny days and year-round good weather can be expected most of the year. California’s abundance of theme parks, Disneyland, LEGOLAND, Universal Studios are a draw for families, and a preponderance of year-round schools, allows families to travel outside of the summer season, thus providing area resorts family business throughout the year. Similarly, Hawaii's perfect weather and beautiful beaches keep it a high demand area all year long too.

A Good Time for Adult Travel

Exotic Destinations

Now's a good time for adults to explore international timeshare opportunities that, with the addition of air travel, might be too costly for an entire family to attempt. The popularity of international timeshare is on the rise. Vacationers are looking for timeshare options in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Western Europe. 

Urban and Seasonal Destinations

The fall is a good time for timeshare properties in urban areas where trees abound in glorious fall colors, weather is crisp and vibrant, and often lower travel prices are in effect. Cities like Chicago and New York offer many cultural activities and parks to experience the fall colors. Portland, Oregon has limitless microbreweries for unique beer tasting and central and northern California abounds with wineries. Wine and beer focused properties in those areas arrange tours and tastings, and food-pairing dinners to enhance the timeshare experience and pull in more bookings.
Timeshare properties near National Parks and in ski resorts are also options at this time. Weather is often lovely and the summer crowds have dispersed. Properties in those areas offer hiking, biking, tram rides and beautiful scenery.

Smaller Properties

Smaller upscale boutique properties such as L'Auberge Del Mar, which cater more to adults and have fewer child friendly amenities, are often another draw for adult travelers at this time of year. L'Auberge’s prime location above the beach in scenic Del Mar, California has easy walking to stores and restaurants, and also offers gourmet dining and a luxury spa on the property.  

In the months ahead, owner weeks can still remain steady greatly impacting the economy of the area. As one season goes, another one follows with other offerings for owners and guests. ARDA’s recent report on the "Economic Impact of the Timeshare Industry on the US Economy" states - spending by timeshare visitors brought $7.9 billion to the communities where timeshare resorts were located, and that wasn’t just in "high" season.

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