Now May be the Perfect Time to Market to Baby Boomers

With all the talk about millennials, you might be inclined to ignore the baby boomers - but don't. Those 76+ million boomers in the US are still one of the most viable sources of timeshare buyers. Why, you might ask? The reason is because they like to travel and they have the money to do so. Timeshares are appealing to boomers because they offer all the things boomers want in a travel experience - affordability, flexibility and quality.

Baby Boomers are Pre-Qualified

Baby boomers have disposable income. Instead of choosing to retire, many have chosen to keep working or at least work part time, and those who have retired have money to spare. True to their strong work ethic and "live to work" reputation, some 49% of baby boomers are still in the work force and don't expect to retire until age 66 or older. Those that have retired have planned well for their retirement time and have money to spend on travel. According to industry research, boomers spend $157 million on trips every year. And you don't have to convince them of the benefits of travel - baby boomers already view travel as a necessity not a luxury. In fact, in most travel polls, boomers rank travel as their #1 activity.

Timeshares and Boomers--a Perfect Match

Boomers favor luxury and comfort, and they are willing to pay for it if you can deliver. They like what a timeshare can offer, such as spacious accommodations with room for multigenerational family vacations. The "home away from home" atmosphere is attractive to boomers because convenience, comfort and added space for family is important. 

Variety IS the Spice of a Baby Boomer's Life
Boomers want flexibility and choice in their travel. The vacation options of timeshare are attractive to boomers. The ability to have flexibility in choosing when they want to travel and where - numerous choices of locations throughout the world - are all appealing to boomers.  They like the convenience of the "all inclusive" resort where food and drink is covered and where they will have plenty of activities to keep them occupied, because baby boomers are healthier and in better shape than their predecessors. They do not think of themselves as aging. According to Phil Goodman, co-author of Boomer Marketing Revolution, "Boomers will always try to act younger than their chronological age. As a result, they may want to fulfill the dreams they had when they were 25 even if their bodies aren’t willing." So bring on the adventure travel, but don’t forget the spa!

Aware of Cost
Raised by parents who encouraged savings accounts, baby boomers want to know that they are getting their money’s worth. They like a good bargain and timeshares fit the bill, particularly for longer stays. The cost of staying in a timeshare for 2-3 weeks or more, is far less than it would be at a typical hotel or resort. Advantages such as exchanging, the option of renting, and last-minute bargains, all make timeshare more cost-effective to boomers. 
The timeshare industry has always welcomed baby boomers, but now more than ever, may be a good time to get that welcome mat out again.
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