Negative AARP Article Sparks Concern

A recent article in AARP Magazine lists timeshare as one of the “worst investment and financial products you can sink your money into.” The magazine’s April/May issue investment column featured “5 Bad Money Moves” by Allan Roth, and buying into timeshare was one of those five. With statements like, “These people are trained to get you to buy before you have time to do the math”, and “it’s a money pit of recurring fees”, Roth’s article disparages timeshare in more ways than one. Timeshare leaders are calling for all owners and industry professionals to respond to the article with a letter to the editor of the magazine.

Industry Leaders Respond

The article has already elicited several responses from the timeshare industry. ARDA president and CEO, Howard Nusbaum was one of the first to respond to the negativity with a letter to the magazine’s editor stressing the many positive aspects of timeshare.  Nussbaum explains in his letter that timeshare is not meant to be a real estate investment, but instead is an investment in quality time with family and friends, and the lasting benefits that come with vacationing on a regular basis. He also addresses concerns mentioned in the AARP article on timeshare resales and explains what the true financial commitments are. His letter closes with links to and for further examination.
Another organization responding to the AARP article is Timesharing Today. Publisher Shep Altshuler, has posted a request to owners and industry professionals urging them to use their collective voices to respond to the article. He asks all to “detail why this one-sided article is a disservice to those in the timeshare industry.”

Call to Action

If timeshares are ever going to shake the negative images of the industry, those of us in the industry must work to stop the negativity, and reach out to educate everyone to the many positive benefits of becoming a member of the timeshare family. We all know the wonderful benefits that can be gained, such as the home-away-from-home experience, the cost-effectiveness of a timeshare vacation, the positive health benefits of regular vacationing, and the unforgettable family vacation memories that will last a life-time. There’s also the advantage of having a comfortable place you can count on to vacation each year, and the opportunities to experience other travel destinations…the list goes on and on.

Don’t wait. Get out those positive responses. Send letters now to the editor at aarpmagazine@aarp.orgBut don’t stop there, respond anytime you see other negative articles, or hear others disparaging the industry. Let’s all work together to let everyone know what it is we love about our industry.
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