How Important are Activities at a Resort?

The popular viewpoint seems to indicate that location is the most important consideration when choosing a resort. Location includes influences such as climate/weather preferences and environment preferences like beach vs. mountains, or isolated retreat vs. vibrant city. The resort location influences the second most important consideration, activities. In a report by Wiley Global Research on The Importance of Guest Activities, "A good activities program adds a standard of quality and perceived value that translates into repeat business. It’s very significant to a successful resort operation."

Activities Can Make a Resort Stand Out

A special activities program can give the resort a uniqueness that makes it stand out from other competitors. Activities should be creative and relative to the resort’s location and natural environment. If the beach and ocean is the environment, then there should be a variety of activities related to that environment: water sports such as snorkeling or surfing for more active vacationers.  A relaxing sailboat ride or spa activity for the vacationer who wants to kick-back.  Activities should incorporate the culture and uniqueness of the area surrounding the resort. If there are ruins, museums, special attractions the area is known for, then those could be included in special day trips provided by the resort.  Children’s activities should be age appropriate, safe and supervised.
Additionally, the Wiley report found that to be successful, "activities should be enjoyable, freely chosen by guests, and benefit the guest emotionally, socially, physically, cognitively, and spiritually."

Timeshares Make Choosing Activities Easy

Timeshare owners seem to like activities… just think of the resorts in Mexico, known for their expansive pools, and nonstop music and entertainment. It isn’t just the larger resorts providing the entertainment. The more intimate, "legacy" resorts like the Massanutten Resort in the Shenandoah Valley area, prides itself on its wide variety of activities for "owner engagement." For 30 years, the resort has been, "constantly changing and improving classes to ensure their guests have the absolute best experience possible." Throughout the year they offer hundreds of different activities and events, some seasonal and many year-round.
Other resorts such as the Rarotongan Beach & Spa in the Cook Islands believe that recharging batteries is what guests want, "Today it’s all about balance. Striking just the right balance between much needed relaxation that your body craves, sprinkled with just enough fascinating diversions to leave your body, mind and soul feeling re-energized and re-vitalized."
With websites like Expedia dedicating large sections of their offerings to activities, it’s clear that there is a demand for activities.  What’s special about owning a timeshare is that the time (and often stress) of figuring out what activities are offered, and which activities vacationers want to do, is eliminated. Most timeshares provide an on-going selection of activities, and often have a concierge or activities coordinator on staff to advice owners and help them decide on the perfect activities to enhance their vacation experience. 

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