Dial An Exchange Offers Premium Locations with daeOptions

Dial An Exchange, one of the nation’s largest independent vacation exchange organizations, offers properties in premium vacation destinations from British Columbia to Florida.

Commented Tanya Bleuel, Director of Yield Management for DAE, “We have members that often have their hearts set on a certain vacation destination, but found that there were no timeshare resorts in that location or there was limited availability.

“We also learned that many of our members were purchasing additional accommodations to extend their annual vacation and often paid as much as $2,000 per week for their accommodations.

“We created daeOptions by forming alliances with non-timeshare resorts to allow our members to rent or exchange their timeshare week for a seven-night stay and ultimately enjoy a vacation in their dream destination.”

DAE members can rent daeOptions weeks at highly discounted prices or they can exchange into any daeOptions property by depositing their timeshare week and paying an exchange fee from $350 to $450.

Added Bleuel, “This program opens a world of vacationing options to our members. Whether the member exchanges or rents at members’ only prices, they are getting a great deal.”

New daeOptions resort destinations include Whistler, BC (see top photo); Chicago, IL; Cambridge, MD; San Antonio, TX; San Diego, CA; St. Petersburg, FL; Braintree, MA; Anchorage, AK, Oahu, HI; and Orlando, FL.

During the past decade as Dial An Exchange has dramatically grown worldwide, the no-membership-fee company has continued to offer a host of vacationing options to its membership. Internationally known and respected for providing exceptional customer service, DAE is the largest privately owned exchange company with worldwide destination availability.

DAE has grown from a single office in Australia to offices in Europe, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa and Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Photo Credit: bcadventures.com
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