Diamond Resorts International® Encourages Participation in Global Entry Program

Diamond Resorts International® (Diamond) a global leader in the hospitality and vacation ownership industries, encourages its U.S. bound owners, members and guests to participate in Global Entry, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that provides expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Both the frequent international traveler and occasional jetsetter are equally eligible as no minimum number of trips is required to qualify for the program.

Global Entry is designed to alleviate frustration by eliminating duplicative screening of international passengers while still maintaining optimal security. The process requires that participants present their machine-readable U.S. passport or permanent resident card at a Global Entry Kiosk, provide fingerprint verification and make a customs declaration. Upon completion, the kiosk issues the traveler a transaction receipt and directs the traveler to baggage claim and the exit.

According to Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Resorts International®, “As Chairman of the Corporate for Travel Promotion we continually seek ways to simplify travel in order to increase tourism to the United States. We have many exciting destination choices in the United States and the Global Entry program provides increased accessibility with reduced hassle and greater enjoyment while traveling.”

In 2008, CBP launched its pilot study of the Global Entry program at 20 airports. Due to its success, CBP is preparing federal regulations to make it a permanent program. The program is currently open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, Canadian citizens and permanent residents, Dutch citizens as well as Mexican citizens. Global Entry will soon be open to United Kingdom, German and South Korean citizens.

Diamond Resorts International®, with global headquarters in Las Vegas, Nev., is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world with more than 200 branded and affiliated resorts and over 24,000 guest beds in 28 countries with destinations throughout the continental United States and Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Annually, nearly 1.4 million owners, members and guests enjoy the simplicity, choice and comfort Diamond Resorts International® offers through our branded hospitality experience.

Diamond Resorts Corporation
and its subsidiaries develop, own, operate and manage vacation ownership resorts and, through resort and partner affiliation agreements, provide owners and members with access to 69 managed resorts and 132 affiliated resorts.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would be very cautious of any business dealings with Diamond Resorts. As a group of timeshare owner's we have been forced to seek help for our basic rights within the legal system.

  2. Lee White Says:

    I would encourage anyone considering buying a timeshare to look at what existing timeshares at that property are bringing on Ebay. My wife and I own a week at the Villas at Polo Towers. It is a one-bedroom unit. Our annual maintenance fee is $794. From looking at Ebay, many timeshare owners are practically giving these units away, probably to get out from under the escalating maintenance fees. Of course, our fees pale in comparison to those at another Diamond Resorts International-managed property: The Point at Poipu on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Owners there are being charged special assessments of more than $3,000 in addition to their annual maintenance fees. If they don't pay up, Diamond Resorts can foreclose on their timeshares. That would be a great relief to most but for the fact that a foreclosure would severely damage their credit scores for up to seven years. Think long and hard before buying a timeshare or even accepting one as a gift.

  3. Unknown Says:

    Before buying a timeshare -- especially from Diamond Resorts International -- be sure to check Ebay to see what current owners are getting for their timeshares. Chances are, the owners are giving them away just to get out from under the special assessments and maintenance fees. At The Villas at Polo Towers in Las Vegas, I pay $794 a year in maintenance fees. Some owners at Diamond Resorts' Point at Poipu resort on the Hawaiian island of Kauai have just been hit with special assessments of more than $3,000 to repair water damage. Deeded timeshares are practically worthless. "Points-based" timeshares are worth even less than deeded ones. Don't get taken by a fast-talking salesperson.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Diamond Resorts stinks!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Want the truth about Diamond Resorts? http://youtu.be/UgxsuHR0qkM

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think a story should be done on Diamond Resorts International and Stephen Cloobeck. They are violating the law and holding property owners financial hostages. We owners are banding together and will eventually have our day in court. They were recently exposed by the BBC-Rip Off Britian show for their tactics. Please help us expose this sham of a company to prevent them from victimizing any more consumers. Please see links listed and read comments. There are so many more if Diamond resort complaints are googled.


    Diamond Resorts is making millions off the legal owners of the time share properties. They take control of our Home Owners Association Boards, they violate the law by not releasing the owners names stating privacy issues (yet we owners receive marketing calls from lists we believe are purchased from Diamond Resorts), they hand us a bill for a $65 million repair that they have known about for years and they demand $2,000 in less than 90 days. To add insult, they threaten us with collections and ruined credit ratings. This company and Stephen Cloobeck were hired to MANAGE our property, not take it over, force out owners, and put their own VP staff and the relatives of the VP staff on our boards. They have stripped away our rights as the TRUE owners of this property. Did you know that if I and my husband die today, my 20 year old daughter becomes completely responsible for the $6,000 debt Diamond Resorts just handed me? Do you know that she will be indebted to this company for the maintenance fees too? She can't give it away, she can't sell it, she just has her financial life ruined by this company! They promised me a "legacy" to hand down to my kids. A piece of paradise for generations to come. WHAT A LIE! THE HANDED ME A LIFETIME OF FINANCIAL WOES THAT I WILL PASS TO MY CHILDREN! Perhaps you really should be doing a cover story on Diamond Resorts, the government offices who turn a blind eye to their corruption and greed, ARDA who deceptively collects funds from all time share owners stating they will protect them from illegal and unethical practices of timeshare companies yet they too shake Mr. Cloobeck's hand and do nothing, the countless folks that Diamond Resorts has bought off to shut up and go away...oh the list goes on and on. This corporation must be stopped and all the victims need their day in court!

    Tammy Sona!
    Timeshare owners' fight over special assessments: 1 win, 1 pending
    Timeshare owners’ fight over special assessments: 1 win, 1 pending

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Very poor company, DRI you should be ashamed of yourself! Signed, angry owner at The Point at Poipu (google point at Poipu+water intrusion)

  8. hmmmm1967 Says:

    Diamond Resorts International (DRI) has been responsbile for soaring maintenance fees, a huge assessment per timeshare week (actually a total of just under $6,000 per week) and declining standards (loss of Gold Crown Rating status by RCI) in the few years it has managed the Point at Poipu in Kauai. Beware of this company if you are considering purchasing a timeshare. We are so sorry we ever got involved with DRI and there is no way out because our investment has lost all its value. We can't even give it away.

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