Polynesian Culture is what Makes a Hawaiian Vacation so Special

When you rent a Hawaiian timeshare and enjoy a vacation in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, you soon realize that Polynesian culture is one of the things that makes a vacation in Hawaii so special. Each island has its own cultural experiences to offer its visitors. And by far the most popular and most comprehensive way to learn about Polynesian culture is on Oahu at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Almost 35 million people have visited the Polynesian Cultural Center, located on 42 acres on the North Shore of Oahu, since its opening in 1963. This world-famous "cultural theme park" provides visitors with fun and entertainment while teaching about the cultures and people of Polynesia, which covers almost 12 million square miles of the south Pacific.

The word Polynesia actually means "many islands." Not only are Hawaiians represented at the Center, but you'll also encounter the Polynesian culture of the islands of Samoa, Fiji, Aotearoa (Maori New Zealand), the Marquesas, Tahiti, and Tonga, each in its own village setting. As you visit the various villages you'll have an opportunity to interact with native people and enjoy arts and crafts, cooking demonstrations and even language lessons.

The Center also puts on several entertaining shows. The Canoe Pageant, presented every afternoon, acts out five thousand years of legend and lore, history and myths in a memorable, rousing show, involving almost 50 Polynesians in traditional costumes. The spectacular night show, "Horizons," features over 100 native performers in the largest Polynesian revue of song and dance in the world. And you won't want to miss the newest evening show, "Ha - Breath of Life," which beautifully tells Polynesia's ancient story. The entire family will be awed by the stunning "fire stick" performances.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is especially geared for the family. The Ohana Adventures (Ohana means "family") includes special activities for the keikis (children) in your group. Your youngsters will delight in hula lessons, Tongan shuffleboard and even Tahitian fishing. And they'll proudly show off their Marquesas cultural tattoo (don't worry - it's temporary). At the end of the day your little keiki will have learned words from each island's language, have crafts to take home, and with a passport stamped at each village, even collect a free prize.

Visitors who have been to the Polynesian Cultural Center suggest planning a two-day visit. The first day you can take guided tours, which provide information and answers to your questions. The second day you can go back and explore the Center on your own, returning to places where you'd like to spend more time. With your Oahu timeshare as a hub, time is all yours, and you can spend as much of it as you like at special places like the Polynesian Cultural Center.
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